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Teachers, click on one of the activities in the category section on the right and leave a comment.  If your comment really doesn’t fit well into a specifc category, you may comment below, but remember to earn the certificate, you must blog about an activity that is related to the workshops and that you attempted in the classroom.  You may write successes as well as challenges or just observations.


The Student Success Assessment Certificate is one of soon to be several certificates that teachers for the continuing education programs of Rancho Santiago Community College District can earn to further their professional development.  Currently there is one other certificate called simply the Student Success Certificate.  The Student Assessment Certificate is designed to follow up on the learner-centered activites teachers developed in the earlier certificate.  Since research shows that one-shot workshops rarley seem to change classroom teaching behavior, we have developed a series of workshops around a broad topic and then as part of the process have included a reflection on a blog of activities attempted in the classroom.  To date, 110 of our teachers have completed the first certificate and are now moving on to this certificate.

The workshops are what we are calling “experiential” meaning that they are not intended to convince teachers of the practicality of strategies even though most workshops are backed by research.  Instead, we practice different activities in workshops and other activities so teachers can experience strategies instead of just reading about them.  Therefore, there are not long readings or study involved in order to prove or convince teachers of the usefulness of a strategy or activity.  At the end of workshops, teachers set goals on what strategies they will try in the classroom.  The workshops are not meant to give teachers everything they could know about a subject, but rather, enough that they want to know more and try new ideas.

The Student Success Assessment Certificate consists of:

Core Workshops: Participants must do all three.

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques (3 hours)
  • Conducting Classroom Research (3 hours)
  • Incorporating Rubrics into Instruction (We are currently making changes to this workshop) (2.5 hours)

Electives: Choose one.

  • Test-taking Techniques (2.5 hours)
  • Reflection through Peer Coaching (2.5 hours) This is a combination of a workshop, classroom observations, journaling, and reflection with a partner.

Reflection: Do All

  • Submit 2 comments about strategies attempted in class (any of the topics)
  • Reply to two other comments (any of the topics)

The assessment certificate is mostly about formative assessment.  Participants learn the difference between formative and summative instruction and learn how to use techniques and strategies to discover how and if students are learning and progressing during the class, from formal techniques to informal ones.  The workshops were written by Rob Jenkins and Terry Tomlinson.